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Beauty product of the week: EAORON Jacaranda Miracle Mask

Eaoron - August 30, 2018 - 0 comments

These are the masks that will help you in the pursuit of brighter and totally glowing skin.

As a skincare junkie and total sheet mask devotee, I know when I’ve come across something good, so I was pleasantly surprised when testing out the Eaoron Jacaranda sheet masks.

Sheet masks aren’t always the best way to treat your skin. Often your skin is unable to absorb most of the product and it ends up just drying up on top of your skin. This is especially true if you haven’t exfoliated in a while. But the Eaoron masks did not have this issue. These masks are packed with heaps of product. Since there’s so much, the mask never seems to dry up and stays moist, allowing your skin to soak up as much of the serum as it can.

It also means that there’s plenty of it left over to rub over your neck and décolletage, which is something that everyone should start doing. So you really do get a decent bang for your buck with this particular brand of sheet mask.

The actual mask itself is a very reasonable size, something that can fit the face sizes of both men and women. This was something that my sheet-mask-loving boyfriend very much appreciated. Many of the others that I buy tend to be too small for his face. Since this mask is a reasonable size, it sits on your face comfortably and stays stuck to your nose instead of lifting off.

The cooling and soothing formula of the mask serum was gentle and had a pleasant but subtle smell. It’s packed with anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory agents from the Australian Blue Jacaranda, which slows ageing and aids in treating blemishes. It also promises to brighten skin, which was the most notable effect for me.

After using the mask my skin was noticeably brighter and little bit plumper. Glowing and bright skin is often difficult to achieve when you’re tired and stressed out, like most of us are. I’m willing to spend money on anything that can help your skin be bright again.

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