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EAORON Trehalose Cream




EAORON Trehalose Cream can improve dullness, refine skin texture, and provide moisturizing repair. It contains 99.2% high-concentration bifida ferment lysate, which promotes the activity of DNA repair in the human body, strengthening the skin’s foundation and enhancing its elasticity. Leading the antioxidant and repair formula are snail peptide and niacinamide, activating skin brightness even after staying up late. The cream also features a 6-fold ceramide complex, boosting the skin’s defense, moisturizing power, and stability. Several plant extracts join forces, including Witch Hazel, Trehalose, Shea Butter, and Hydrocotyle Asiatica Extract. Its lightweight and moisturizing texture, with a translucent and airy feel, glides smoothly on the skin, suitable for both dry and oily skin types.